Creativity and industrialism combine to produce these unique historical artifacts. Each one is special in its own way and tells a story not only about the individual but the time period in which it was created. These cartoonish, hand-drawn accident reports take us back to a time when ingenuity was valued and pride in one’s work was prevalent in even the harshest industries like coal mining. These accident reports located at the Bessemer Historical Society span from 1940-1956, some appear comedic while others illustrate precise detail. There are several hundreds of reports however only a handful of them contain drawings. They were used to provide a visual record of the accident as well as how to avoid similar incidents in the future. When hearing about the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company most people do not think of creativity or imagination. Instead CF&I generates images of dark tunnels with headlights beaming against stark walls of coal. Innovative both then and now these accident reports blend the hazardous reality of coal mining with artistic aptitude.

Illustrating accuracy this drawing depicts a bird’s eye view of the mine where a large block of coal fell on one of the workers.
These men appear comical in their nonchalant demeanor one of whom suffered a severely bruised foot when the jack dislodged a small rock.
A combination of comedy and realism makes this fatality report especially unique. The tragedy that befell this man seems surreal because of the cartoonish depiction of the report.
A story of being in the wrong place at the wrong time this man suffered several injuries. The shock of realizing this is clearly displayed on the man’s face.
A record of injuries from 1944 (all CF&I mines) demonstrates the various types of injuries with just 1 injury due to bumping against objects and 32 injuries involving haulage and handling pit cars.
Chosen for its intense and incredible detail this illustration shows a Goodman Loader 660 rolling over a man’s foot.
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