CF&I Christmas festivities represented a long-held custom of CF&I to take care of the children during the special holiday. CF&I took care to provide each child with one Christmas present. To each girl, the Colorado Supply Company (the CF&I company store) presented a doll, while the company gave each boy a drum. Along with presents, each child recieved fruits and candy.

The Sociological Department believed it was important for the students to learn a sense of "selflessness" during the holiday season. The children did not just recieve presents, they were also required to make them. Each child made a special present for their mother and their father. This practice instilled in the children the essence of the idea that it is better to give someone else a present than to recieve one.

El Moro Christmas, 1902

CF&I encouraged the observance of Christmas Eve. The children produced what they called "little entertainments" for their families. Suitable festivites were observed before the children recieved their gifts. CF&I upheld the gratuitous nature of the holiday in order to shape charitable characters in the children.


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