Denver/Metro Area

As we are attempting to be providers of historical knowledge it behooves us to frequent historical establishments that the common would not. Such places being taverns and bars. Taverns/Bars, as the educated know, play a special part in Colorado history. Many important historical decisions were discussed and debated in Denver taverns. Anybody, or group, can visit state houses and museums. However it takes a true scholar to seek out where state history was really made. The great taverns of Denver.

Buckhorn Exchange


Founded: November 17, 1893.
Original Owner: Henry H. Zietz (Shorty Scout)
How it was named: It was a building within waking distance from the Buckhorn lodge. The lodge was a stopping point for the Rio Grande Railroad travelers. At the Zeitz's "Exchange" people coming to the Denver would exchange money, paychecks, and valuable items for gold. It has been stated that Zietz would offer a drink and a free lunch to the exchange customers.
Claims: According to management. 2nd largest Buffalo killed in Colorado is on display. A documented Wolverine killed in Colorado. Zeitz bootlegged whiskey bottles. First liquor license in the state of Colorado. Upstairs was a brothel at one time. Native American wedding dress claimed to be Sitting Bull's daughter and it is haunted by a ghost named "Elizabeth".
History on Display: Arrowheads, newspapers articles, 150 plus mounted animal heads, guns (from 1870-1945), chuck wagon, photographs, architecture, deeds, bottles, bullets, newspaper articles, and licenses.
Famous visitors: Teddy Roosevelt, Buffalo Bill, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, Will Rogers, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Dwight Eisenhowr.
Photo/Greco Top Row- 1- Main Floor Buckhorn Exchange. 2- Arrowhead Collection. 3- Wolverine killed in Colorado 4- Register
Bottom Row- 1- 1st Colorado Liquor License. 2- Hunting Expedition. 3- Ox head. 4- Signage at Buckhorn.

Video/Greco Upstairs at Buckhorn Exchange Downstairs at Buckhorn Exchange.

Buffalo Rose Saloon

Buffalo Rose Entrance (Greco)

Founded: 1859
Original Owner: Unknown
How it was named: Unknown
Claims: On second floor territorial government met (Golden was the territorial capital), started out as grocery store, stagecoach stop, paper mill, meeting house, recreational center (stage is built over a swimming pool). 1860 one of Colorado's first shoot-outs took place here, many military officials frequented this establishment after the Civil War.
History on Display: Record labels, autographed photos, guitars, Native American pictures, 1950's and 60's pictures of Golden.
Famous visitors: Ulysses S. Grant, General Sherman, General Sheridan.


Photos/Greco- Top 1- Coors Sign 2- Stage Floor 3- Electric Guitar 4- Jim Morrison visit
Bottom 1- 1960s sign 2- Festival 1957 3- Famous Musicians 4- 2nd floor view (territorial capital)

Coors Brewery:

Founded: 1873
Original Owner: Adolph Coors/ Jacob Schueler
How it was named: Named after Coors when he bought out his partner, Shueler, in 1880.
Claims: One of few breweries to survive prohibition intact. They were able to do this by manufacturing malted milk, cement, real estate, and non alcoholic beer. Coors has the capability of producing 20 million barrels of beer annually. Current owner Peter Coors is running for Senate.
History on Display: The Brewery has a tour set up that represents the founding, the growth, and the legacy Coors has left on the beer industry of Colorado. It is an interactive tour that displays methods of production, historical photos, documents, and statistical facts.
Famous visitors: Not listed
Photos/Greco Top 1- Prohibition Exhibit 2- Advertisement 3- Factoid Brewing Process 4- Factoid Transportation Info
Middle 1- Workers 1934 2- Transportation by Train 3- Wheat field advertisement 4- Transportation 50s
Bottom 1- Coors Field 2- Post prohibition ad 3- 1950 ice truck 4- Coors Entrance

Video One- Brewing Floor Video Two Cooling System to Power Plant

Cruise Room – Oxford Hotel

Founded: 1933
Original Owner:
How it was named:
Claims: Opened the day after Prohibition was repealed. Lounge is reflection of one on the Queen Mary ocean liner. 1930 Art deco original finish. Was a speak easy prior to its opening, still has hidden rooms that provided access to the speak easy. First bar to open in downtown Denver.
History on Display: Wall engravings depicting regions of the world and the text "Cheers" in the corresponding languages. 1930 juke box.
Famous visitors:

El Chapultepec

Founded: 1933
Original Owner: Jerry Krantz
How it was named: Named after a sacred and strategic site in the Mexican Valley, near present day Mexico City.
Claims: Some of the top jazz musicians have played at the "Pec" (local name for the establishment). Notables: Miles Davis, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, and President Bill Clinton.
History on Display: A photo of every artist that has played at the "Pec" (many autographed), newspaper articles documenting different eras the club has been a part of, and original decor dating back to the early 50's. Staff shared how the owner Krantz would not let U2's Bono into the establishment with his entourage of girls as they did not have proper indentification.
Famous visitors: MIles Davis, BB King, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton.
Photos: All photos and video taken by: Tony Greco

Ship’s Tavern – Brown Palace Hotel

Founded: 1934
Original Owner: Henry Cordes Brown
How it was named: Named after the nautical theme displayed with the tavern.
Claims: Every U.S. president has visited The Brown Palace/Ship Tavern since Hoover. The hotel's original artesian well is located 720 feet deep beneath the lobby floor and still provides water to every faucet in the hotel and ship tavern. The Beatles visited the premises in 1964.
Except for crackers and sandwich bread, the hotel/restaurants prepares all of its own baked goods in a unique, carousel oven - catalogued at more than 50 years old. The oven is one of only three in the world known to be in existence and is still used every day.
History on Display: Replica naval ships from around the world. Maps of trade routes. Photos reflecting the development of the hotel. Information on the artesian well that provides water for the tavern/hotel. Newspaper articles featuring the Brown Palace and Ship Tavern.
Famous visitors: All Presidents since Hoover (Eisenhower headquarters) Beatles, ....
Photos: All Photos and Videos taken by: Tony Greco