CF&I created the Minnequa school of nursing for it's Minnequa Hospital under the direction of Dr. Richard Corwin. CF&I required a hospital to care for its workers. Dr. Corwin decided he wanted educatede nurses running the nurseing program at the company hopspital. In 1897 he created the two year training program for nurses at CF&I. Miss Jessie Sutcliffe took charge of the first class of nurseing students as well as the nurseing program at the hospital. The first year of operation only two nureses graduated.


In 1900 CF&I changed the nursing programs years of instruction from two to three years. By 1903 the program had thirty women participating in it, five of whom were about to complete the program.
The program started in September with each class attending lectures throughout the term. Some of the nurses were chosen to attend training programs at large hospitals in other states in order to recieve some of the best training. Some nurses completed maternity training in Detroit, Michigan. Nurses attended the program from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. They lived on hosptial grounds and were required to live by a set schedule. Nureses had to be in bed by ten o'clock with three days granted a month where they could stay up unitl midnight. The nurses earned their grades from more than just their studies. In addition to reading, lectures, lessons, and spelling as part of their grade the nurses were also graded on deportment, cooking, cleanliness, and neatness.
CF&I Hospital Training School 1901

CF&I Hospital Training School 1900

The hospital provided the nursing students with room, board, and laundry priviledges paid for by the hospital. They also received an allotment of eight dollars a month to pay for uniforms and books. CF&I did not pay the students during their course of study. Nurses were allowed to choose their own career path after they had completed their training. They did not have to stay with CF&I. During the three year study period nurse worked at the hospital according to their training level. The program designated first years students as junior nurses through third year students who were senior nurses.



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