The Southern Colorado History Wiki by the History Department at Colorado State University - Pueblo

This wiki is written and maintained by students and faculty at Colorado State University - Pueblo, for the purposes of preserving and presenting the history of Colorado to the wider world. [We would have called this the "Colorado History" wiki but that name was taken.] Every class in the department that deals with Colorado history works on the wiki as one of their assignments.

The topics we select are based on our interests and the availability of local resources that we can upload. At present, the wiki is divided into three categories of analysis. 1) Broad categories designed to highlight some aspect of life in Colorado like "leisure" or specific industries. 2) Different examples of those categories like bars or specific mining towns. 3) details about those examples.

If you have a suggestion for a topic or resources that you'd like to share with the wider world of the Internet contact Professor Jonathan Rees.